The Agents page allows you to configure user accounts for your contact center representatives and administrators, including teams of agents and individual agents within the teams. Every user account can be given access to sign into the Call Center Agent (CCA) application or Admin Portal.

The Agents page comprises the elements listed below. Click the links to find out more information.

  1. Breadcrumb to take you back to the General or Configure pages.
  2. Buttons to Add Teams, Add Agents, or Import Agents.
  3. List of Teams that have been created and configured
  4. List of Agents that comprise a team.
  5. Tabs to help you configure various items for a team or an agent. The tabs change based on whether you have selected a Team or an Agent on the left.
  6. Buttons to Update, Clone, or Delete agents.
  7. A Search bar to help you find particular agents.
  8. A work area for configuring the selected Tab for the chosen Team or Agent.


There are various team and agent activities that you perform from the Agents page. Click the links below for more information.