Script Manager


The Script Manager allows companies to create modular, highly structured, linkable text scripts for Contact Center agents. Scripts consist of various “steps” that can be laid out in many ways.  Some scripts might be linear, while others use link functions to allow the agent to “jump” from one section of the script to another.  It’s even possible to connect the agent to a different script entirely, based on the path the customer conversation takes.

This section is a tutorial that will aid you in creating scripts for your agents to follow when interacting with clients. Each script will guide the agent through over-the-phone customer interactions. A typical script might consist of the following:

  • Standard greeting
  • Series of questions and follow-up questions to get to the core of customers’ problems
  • Possible solutions to help solve customer problems.

Sample Script Specifications

The following is the script that we will build in this tutorial. The script is for company ABC, and its purpose is to allow agents to choose one of three actions: ask a caller about updating their address, answer caller questions about their billing, and helping a caller close their account. To achieve all of this, the script will contain four parts: a greeting, an address update, a billing query, and account closure. The three actionable parts will be presented to the agent in the form of a drop-down list.

Part #1: Greeting

Thank you for calling ABC Company. May I have your name, please?

Thank you Mr. /Mrs. ____________.

I just need to confirm some information with you before we can discuss the details of your account.

May I have your full address? Thank you.

Your phone number with area code, please? Thank you.

And lastly, your 9-digit Social Insurance Number, please.

Thank you. How can I assist you today?

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Part #2: Address Updates

May I have your new address with postal code please?

Once information is entered, please repeat the new address to the customer before proceeding with the call.

If there is a bill that was just sent out you will need to resend a bill or advise the client when the next bill will be sent.

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Part #3: Billing Questions

  • What is my due date?
    Your due date is ______________ and your last statement was sent out on __________________.

  • What is the payment address?
    The payment address is: 1234 Laurel Way, Toronto, ON M972C8

  • What is my interest rate?
    Your annual interest rate is 23.99%

  • How is my interest calculated?
    Your monthly interest is calculated on the principal balance at the beginning of your billing cycle. The formula is $X*Y/Z%

Part #4: Account Closure

Yes, I can close your account today.  That will mean that you cannot make any further purchases effective immediately.  Your statements will be sent out as normal with the payment amount and due date and the credit limit will reflect 0.  Would you like me to send you a confirmation letter?



Let's Get Started

Let’s use the Script Manager to create the script described above. As noted, the script will have four parts. The first one will help the agent ask general data from a caller and for the specific subject of the call (which will be displayed as a drop-down list). Once the subject is selected, one of the remaining three parts will be executed (the one that corresponds to the option selected by the agent). The parts that are not selected will be hidden.

The following subsections will guide you in the creation of this script. Click the links below to jump to the indicated subsection.

  1. Creating a script: explains how to create a script.
  2. Editing script properties: walks you through the steps required to set the properties of your script.
  3. Editing step properties: indicates how to set the properties for the first step in  your script.
  4. Adding step parameters: walks you through the creation of the parameters required for the script Part #1: Greeting, as specified above. 
  5. Hiding steps: explains how to create the three parts of the script that will correspond to the choices presented to the agent, and tells you how to hide them.
  6. Linking and Enabling steps: explains how to tie the the parts of the script to the drop-down list that contains the options that will be presented to the agent.
  7. Adding parameters for address updates, billing questions, and closing accounts: walks you through the creation of the parameters required for the remaining scripts specified above: Part #2: Address Updates, Part #3: Billing Questions, and Part #4: Account Closure
  8. Previewing the Script: shows how the preview the script and ensure that everything works as it should.