Client Software

First, navigate to Downloads in your Admin Portal.

The Client Software page provides you access to download the latest version of the Call Center Agent (CCA), as well as previous versions of the Call Center Agent (CCA). The page is divided into two tabs, so you can easily distinguish between the Latest Version and Previous Versions of the CCA. Each version is further identifiable by the accompanying software version number (e.g. The Latest Version tab displays only one instance of the software, whereas the Previous Versions tab displays multiple instances of older versions of the software. Download requirements are provided for each software version listed. 

Click Release Notes, located to the right of the Software Version, to view the Desktop CCA Release Notes. The release notes provide you with a summary of changes that are included with each new CCA version released. The most common changes made to the CCA include new features, enhancements, and fixed issues. The release notes are organized by the software version.  

To download one of the CCA versions, click Download, located to the right of the software version number. You are prompted to Run or Save the file, or, the software installer, by default, is downloaded to the Downloads folder on your computer. If the installer is downloaded to your Downloads folder, locate and download the installer to begin installing the CCA software.

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