Foundation Reports

This section provides a description of the goal of each report and describes their content. Foundation reports consolidate data obtained from different Contact Center activities.

There are parameters that can be used to filter the content of each report. Use parameters to indicate the date range that the report should show data for and to restrict the data to only certain queues, agents, DNIS, and more. Each report has its own set of parameters.

Each report is available in two different formats: CSV and PDF. Both types contain the same data, but they can differ. CSV files allow local manipulation of the data pivot tables and can be sorted in MS Excel.

Other differences between CSV and PDF files are as follows:

  • CSV files use seconds for duration.

  • CSV files often use codes rather than words. The PDF translates the codes to words for easier reading. This document defines those codes. For example, a common code is 1 for yes and 2 for no in detailed reports that indicate whether a single call did something such as leave a voicemail or get transferred by an Agent.


The following glossary defines important terms used in this documentation.

Abandoned Call: These are the callers that hung up while in queue.

ANI: This is the caller’s number. On inbound calls, it is the number that calls into the contact center. On outbound calls, it is the Caller ID that the Agent uses to make the outbound call.

Call Date: The Date and Time of the outbound call. This is the time the caller connected with the end destination.

Dequeue: These are calls that are moved out of a queue. This includes calls that are moved to callback, voicemail, or blind transferred. It does not include calls that reach the Agents.

DID: A phone number.

DNIS: This is the number being dialed. On inbound calls, it is the number that leads into the IVR. On Outbound calls, it is the number dialed by the Agent.

Forced Dequeue: This is a sub-set of dequeued calls. It refers to calls that are forcibly removed by the IVR rather than dequeued due to the caller choosing to dequeue manually. Forced dequeuing can be enabled and disabled per queue. The Maximum Waiting Time is used to determine when a call is force dequeued.

In-call Status: This is the status of the CCA. It includes the standard statues as well as any custom status that might have been added.