Metrics Dashboard

By looking at the real-time dashboards and alerts captured by the Hosted Contact Center solution, you get a 360-degree view of your contact center.

The Metrics Dashboard displays numeric metrics and alerts allowing you to see the health of the call center at a quick glance. The Metrics Dashboard is divided into two views: Inbound Voice Queue(s) and Team(s), with each view displaying both current and daily metrics.
Current metrics totals represent what is occurring in the selected queue or team at the current time (i.e. now) whereas Daily metrics totals are cumulative representations for what is occurring in the selected queue or team throughout the duration of the day. Use the Filter dropdown to select a specific queue or team, which displays cumulative metrics for only that selected queue or team OR a custom filter - displaying the cumulative metrics for all queues or teams included in the custom filter OR select All queues or teams, which will display cumulative metrics for all available queues and teams. These filters are saved on a per user basis.

The background color of each numeric infographic is a representation of the set thresholds. Thresholds and alerts can be applied to both dashboard views. The color for each numeric infographic displays Green, Amber, or Red depending on the threshold settings. White indicates the threshold is out of range of the settings in place and/or higher than the highest default setting.