Dynamic Notification

Dynamic Notification is a tool that allows you to manage Dynamic Notification campaigns.

Dynamic Notification campaigns let you communicate with customers on schedules you define and control. Touch base via SMS, e-mail, text-to-speech, or voice recording. You can use campaigns for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Collecting feedback via surveys.
  • Reminding customers of upcoming appointments and meetings.
  • Helping drive awareness of events, promotions, and new products/services.

To access the Dynamic Notification tool

  1. Sign in to your Contact Center admin portal.
  2.  Navigate to Configure > Outreach > Dynamic Notification.

  3. The Dynamic Notification tool opens in a new browser tab.

The left panel contains the options listed below. Click a link to learn more.

  • Dashboard: Displays an overview of all campaigns and their status.
  • Manage CampaignsLets you create, edit, search, and delete campaigns (voice, SMS, or email).
  • Phrase ManagerAllows you to prepare text-to-speech phrases in anticipation of utilizing these phrases when importing contact lists.
  • Opt Out: Allows you to choose the type of campaign to exclude contacts from. This can be SMS, email, or voicemail campaigns.
  • Audit TrailLets you see all of the activity for a selected campaign, or the activity of a specific user.