Prompt Files

The Prompt Files screen is used to manage your IVR prompt files. From this screen you can Listen to prompt files, Create New Versions of your prompt files, Restore Previous Versions of your prompt files, and Edit an existing IVR prompt file.
Note: Before IVR prompts can be managed they must be registered by your Service Provider. If prompts are not registered the prompt files will not be displayed on the Prompt Files screen.

The above controls allow you to select which IVR you want to view prompts for, along with the language in which prompts are recorded:

  • IVR – This drop down menu lists all available IVRs. Select an IVR from the drop down list to display the prompt files associated with the IVR.
  • Language – This drop down menu lists all language folders available for the selected IVR. If only one language is available, the ANY folder will only be available. If multiple languages are available, the ANY folder along with a folder for each language will be available. Currently, the supported languages are English, French, and Spanish.

Note: Each language folder contains its own set of prompts. For example, if you have an English and French folder that contain the 003 prompt file, the 003 prompt file in the English folder is different than the 003 prompt file in the French folder. This means when you are updating a prompt with the same ID number, in this case 003, you must update the prompt in both folders otherwise if you only update the English 003 prompt file, the French 003 prompt file will not be updated and you will have inconsistencies with the prompts in your IVR.

The following prompt information is displayed for each IVR selected:

  • Prompts This column displays the Prompt ID number.
  • Description – This column provides a description of the prompt if one has been provided when the prompt file was created.
  • Version – This column indicates which version of the prompt is currently being used for the selected IVR.
  • Listen, Create New Version, Restore Version, Edit, Delete – Click one of these links to perform an action on the accompanying prompt.