Agent Events

Covers the various Agent Events, along with codes and parameters for each.

As a quick reminder, Agent events have a category value of 1.  See Events Overview for more detail.

Event Code

The code for Agent events could be any of the following:

        SignedIn = 1,
        SignedOut = 2,
        StatusChanged = 3,
        ReceivingWorkItem = 4,
        AcceptedWorkItem = 5,
        DeclinedWorkItem = 6,
        ReleasedWorkItem = 8


All Agent Events will have the following parameters:

SessionId      Alphanumeric, The ID of the session created when the agent logs in
SessionType  Alphanumeric, The type of session (CCA, TelAgent)
Username      Alphanumeric, username associated to the agent
PhoneNo       Alphanumeric, phone number the agent signed in with


List of Agent Events

SignIn: user signed in

No Additional Parameters

SignOut: user signed out

Additional Parameters:

                ExitCode              Numeric, indicates the reason why the user signed out

ActivityChanged: user changed the current activity

Additional Parameters:

                ActivityCode                      int

                AvailabilityCode                int

                ActivityName                     string (only valid for BusyOther), it will be blank  for all others

Below are the possible values for the ActivityCode additional parameter.

		ActivityCode values:
		        NotSet = 0,
		        NotAvailable = 1,	        // 01
		        Available = 16,	            // 16
		        AcceptInternalCalls = 17,	    // 17
		        BusyChatting = 0x12,	        // 18
		        BusyOnCall = 0x20,	            // 32
		        BusyWrappingUp = 0x21,          // 33
		        BusyOnBreak = 0x22,	            // 34
		        BusyDialingOut = 0x23,	        // 35
		        BusyOther = 0x24,	            // 36
		        BusyOnEmail = 0x25	            // 37

ReceivingWorkItem: user is receiving a work item.

	Additional parameters:

	                WorkItemType                int (1=Incoming Call|2=Outgoing Call|3=Email|4=Chat)

	                WorkItemId                  string // id of the work item(call Id, email Id, chat session id)

	                QueueId                     int // id of the queue, numeric

	                QueueName                   string // name of the queue

	For Incoming voice calls:

	                OrgName                     string // origination name

	                OrgNumber                   string// origination number

	                DstNumber                   string// destination number or number dialed

	For Outgoing voice calls:

	                OrgName                     string

	                OrgNumber                   string

	                DstNumber                   string

	For incoming emails:

	                From                        string// email address sending the email

	                Subject                     string

	                To                          string

	For incoming chats:

					OrgUsername                 string

	                OrgEmailAddress             string

	                OrgIpAddress                string

AcceptedWorkItem: user accepted the work item

                Parameters: same as receiving event parameters


DeclinedWorkItem: user accepted the work item

                Parameters: same as receiving event parameters plus

                DeclineCode                                      int // error code

WorkItemAction: user performed an action on a work item (hold, mute, etc)

                Parameters:  Same as ReceivingWorkItem

                ActionCode:  int (Mute; Unmute; Hold; Retrieve; Classify; RecPause; RecContinue; AddCall; ColdTransfer; WarmTransferStarted; WarmTransferCompleted)

                Some actions (classify, transfer, add call) will include additional parameters that are specific to the event such as CallerType, etc).

ReleasedItem: user released the work item

                Parameters: same as receiving event parameters