Current Queues Status Panel


This panel will list your queues and display what is currently happening with each queue. The list runs across the screen and can be sorted by any of the underlined column headings. When a queue is red in color, a caller in the queue has waited longer than the allotted Maximum Waiting Time set on the Queues screen. The following metrics are displayed for each queue listed:

  • Calls – Number of emails currently waiting in the queue. If the number of waiting emails is greater than zero, click on the number to view more information about the emails waiting in that particular queue. For further information, see Monitoring Incoming Emails.
  • Agents – Number of agents currently signed into the queue.

If one or more agents are signed into the queue, this number appears as a hyperlink.  See below.

Click the number link to open a screen listing all agents currently signed into the queue. When an Office Manager accesses the Agents link, only Agents situated in the same office as the Office Manager are displayed in the Signed in Agents list.

This page also lists:

  • Agent's Name The name of the Agent (e.g. Edward Demo).
  • Team NameTthe name of the team the Agent belongs to.
  • Phone Extension The Agent's 10-digit phone number. 
  • Status The Agent's current status in the CCA. 
  • Status Duration The total length of time the Agent has been in the specified CCA status. 
  • Priority - The configured priority of the queue, as set by the Agent (e.g. 1 indicates highest priority, 10 indicates lowest priority). 

Note: The agent list only shows agents that are signed in to the Admin Portal and are not already in the selected queue. Agents are also only listed for users who have the authority to Add, Remove, and Text Message Agents. 
For further information on selecting agents, adding agents to queue, text messaging agents, and removing agents from queue see Select Agent from Queue.