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To navigate to the Client Admin Portal Sign In page:

  1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser: https://<accountID>
    Note: Replace <accountID> in the URL with your client Account ID. For example, if your Account ID is BTSA-NJ-K16, the URL you sign in to would be:, as shown in the image below.

  2. Click Enter. The Admin Portal Sign In page opens.

The Administration Portal will attempt to detect the language settings of your browser but as that can at times be inconsistent, you may also select between English (default) or French to have the Administration Portal presented in your choice of those 2 supported languages

Signing in with credentials

simply enter your assigned user ID and password and click on the blue button

Optional 2-factor authentication:

An added security feature that can be enabled (see Security Policies menu to enable - contact your service provider if you do not have this menu in your account) is Two-Factor Authentication. If you choose to enable this feature, Users will need an additional code when signing in to their accounts. Users will also need to download the Google Authenticator app to their phones in order to be able to receive the code. (The Google Authenticator app is available for free download from the app stores for both IOS and Android devices).

Agents will initially attempt to sign in to their accounts in a regular manner. Once they have entered their username and password they will then be presented with the following screen:

Note: Please note that this is not a valid QR code, and is simply here as an example to illustrate where the QR code will appear on the page.

The user will then open the Google Authenticator app on their smartphone:

In the Google Authenticator app, select to add a new account

After that, they can either click on Scan barcode to scan the QR code on the page or click Manual entry to enter the code that is on the login page if they can not get the QR code to scan. Agents will then be given a 6 digit code to enter into the New Code field. Once that has been entered, click Continue and you will then complete the login process.

The codes given in the app are refreshed every 30 seconds and are unique to the agent logging in. The code will start to flash red on the app a few seconds before the code is going to expire. There is a time-shifting feature as part of the program to account for the time within the app and the time within the program potentially not matching to prevent codes from expiring too quickly. The first code that you are given by the app can be used for five minutes to allow for the time-shifting feature.

On the agent's next login attempt they will now only have to open the Google Authenticator app and get the current code to complete their login process. It is not necessary to scan the QR code or input the manual code for each login unless the two-factor authentication code has been reset by those with access to do so.

If your user changes their mobile device or accidentally deletes the Authenticator account associated with, your Administrator may reset the user's 2-factor authentication

Signing in with your Credentials

Please contact your Service Provider to have single sign-on with enabled for your account.


  • you may continue to present the authentication if you wish for your users to be able to choose, or you can opt to have the authentication removed from view if you wish to force users to authenticate with
  • Authentication with will require some configuration to be performed by your Administrator
  • The Mycontactcenter "Agent" (user) profile must still be created as normal AND must  include the email address that matches the user's credentials - Omission or duplication of the email address configuration in the
  • IF you sign out of the Admin Portal and sign back in using the credentials, you MAY be immediately directed back to the Admin Portal without having to enter in any credentials. This would occur if you had previously selected "remember me" in your authentication  - which inside the same browser will remember your state for however long your account is configured to stay signed in under inactivity

Select the button (note - no need to enter any user credentials in the Mycontactcenter credentials area if those are still displayed). You will be redirected to your account sign-in screen and then, if authenticated, directed back to the Mycontactcenter Admin Portal Home page in a signed-in state.

If your authentication fails, you MAY need to contact your Administrator for help with your credentials or single sign-on configuration OR you may need to contact your Mycontactcenter administrator or Service Provider to ensure the Single Signon is configured correctly OR your User profile is configured correctly