Consuming the Real Time Data Public API Web Service

The web service is exposed as a WCF service. For simplicity here is how to consume the service from Microsoft Visual Studio:

  1. In Solution Explorer, right click the name of the project that you want to add the service to, and click Add Service Reference.
  2. The Add Service Reference dialog box appears.
  3. In the Add Service Reference dialog box, click Advanced.
  4. The Service Reference Settings dialog box appears.
  5. In the Service Reference Settings dialog box, click Add Web Reference.
  6. The Add Web Reference dialog box appears.
  7. In the URL box, enter the URL of the Web service.
  8. Select the RealTimeData Web Service.
  9. In the Web reference name field, enter a name that you will use in your code to access the selected Web service programmatically.
  10. Click Add Reference.
  11. If your project does not already have one, Visual Studio creates a WebReferences folder. It then creates files that are required for the proxy class using the name that you provided in step 9.
  12. Now you are ready to invoke the methods exposed in the service, and consume the data.

The service uses a session pattern internally. Your code will be required to open a session before trying to get any data. Once you are done getting the data your code should close the session.

Note: A refresh of data will be provided in 1 minute intervals. Requests sent to the API within sub one minute intervals will be ignored by the API.