Exporting Contacts from a Campaign

Exporting contacts from a given campaign will allow you to see, on a contact by contact basis, the general success or failure of your campaign as it relates to contact completion and acknowledgement. This export can be considered a campaign results report delivered in excel (.csv) format

To export contacts from a campaign, first find the campaign from which you wish to export, then click Contacts in the breadcrumb navigation.

Then select your filters as desired. Note - the export will only export those contacts that match your filter criteria (see here for Filter & here for Find )

The select the Export button to begin the exporting process

The Save or Open dialog box will appear as follows:

Select to save the file or open the file and click ok

The contacts export file will show the following columns with column headers:

  • Contact Full Name
  • Contact Phone number (for voice notifications) if configured
  • Contact SMS (mobile phone number for SMS notifications)  if configured
  • Contact email address (for email notifications) if configured
  • Voice notification delivery status (note - the numeric value is a code - the description in brackets identifies the status)
  • SMS delivery status
  • Email delivery status
  • the last delivery attempt for voice notifications (date and time)
  • Indication as to the acknowledgement of the voice notification
  • the acknowledgement digit received by the contact (if acknowledged)