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Looking for specific events types and values?  Just expand the "Events" section to view the child pages.


In essence, using a webhooks framework allows Telax to expose certain events data to our partners and customers in real time.  This allows us to notify external systems of events as those events take place.

In Desktop CCA

Now let's take a look at webhooks events in a specific context.  As you may be aware, the Telax desktop Call Center Agent (CCA) client uses a Cloud CRM connector. This application, prior to webhooks, received CRM events from the CCA. The connector also performs certain actions when the CCA software triggers it to do so, based on an event.


  • Searching for a specific CRM record and caller ID, based on an incoming call.
  • Sending a “call received” event to a workforce management system (WFM), based on a CCA agent accepting the incoming call.
  • Sending a change in Agent sign-in status (e.g. "SignedIn", "SignedOut")

New Configuration

Again, the previous configuration was that events were pushed from the CCA client to the CRM connector.  With the implementation of webhooks, we’ve created a server-side application that delivers events to the cloud CRM connector for each account.  This means events are pushed or "fired" from Telax servers to the external system - in this case, the CRM connector.

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